Thursday, February 12, 2009

Voice for Equality: Jerry Brown

Brown is currently the Attorney General of California, but no newcomer to California politics-- he's also the former Governor of California (1975-1983), former Mayor of Oakland, CA, and former California Secretary of State!

He was recognized by Time Magazine for pioneering post-Watergate politics by opposing the Vietnam War, repealing tax breaks for "big oil," enacting anti-crime measures, and championing environmental affairs.

Brown is a vocal advocate that the Supreme Court of California strike down Proposition 8 as unconstitutional on the grounds that Prop 8 takes away an inalienable right. His office argued this position in March 5, 2009 oral arguments before the Court, a position he reinforced in a popular piece on the blog The Huffington Post on December 19, 2008.

Thanks to Ben for nominating Jerry Brown to be a Voice for Equality!

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