Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Opposition: Pennsylvania group attempts to spread discrimination message in Maine

Maine Freedom to Marry
July 21, 2009
A message from Jesse Connolly at Maine Freedom to Marry:

Last week, we learned that our opposition has funneled more than $240,000 into Maine from out-of-state pro-discrimination groups. Now, we're learning that a Pennsylvania group has come to Maine to spread their anti-equality message in public. Local NBC affiliate WCSH6 is reporting that a Pennsylvania organization called the "American Society for the Defense of Family, Tradition, and Property" is touring around the state trying to gain public support for taking away marriage equality.

I'm wondering why the anti-equality groups in Maine have to rely on out-of-state organizations not only to fund their efforts, but now to stand on street corners with signs. These out-of-state groups are descending upon Maine just like they did upon California during Prop 8, but the people of Maine are heading in a different direction.

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