Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No on 1/Protect Maine Equality: Ways You Can Still Help

No on 1/Protect Maine Equality
November 3, 2009

Next on my TO-DO list and yours... CALL FOR EQUALITY.

So I've voted and you've voted. You think that's it, right?


As former Gov. Howard Dean always says... you get a "C" for just voting. Democracy is about more than voting. Winning elections is about more than voting.

We win by volunteering.

What we need help with STAT is calling our supporters to remind THEM to vote.

If you have already been trained and made calls for our Call for Equality program, it's simple: start calling. Now. And don't stop until the polls close at 8pm EST. Use the same info you already have (but download the new Election Day script).

Two hours of your time. And you'll feel great about it tonight when we win marriage equality for LGBT families. Best two hours I've spent in I don't know how long.

If you're in Maine and have any time, you can go volunteer in person! And take a friend/family/colleague!

We need help at all our staging locations. You can click here to see them all and find the one closest to you. Just head on over.

Remember, you get a "C" for just voting. Help us win today. Call or volunteer in person.


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