Thursday, December 3, 2009

Freedom to Marry's Voice for Equality, Diane Savino, a YouTube Sensation

Freedom to Marry
December 3, 2009
We already knew NY State Senator Diane Savino was a strong marriage equality supporter back in November when we honored her as a Voice for Equality, but even we didn't realize how strong! Video of her speech yesterday during the NYS Senate debate on marriage has had over 40,000 views on YouTube, and many hundreds of ratings and comments including: "I live all the way in California, but I sent this NY senator an email in support of her anyway because her speech moved me so much" and "Never have I seen such a simple, powerful argument in favor of marriage equality before." Why not start your own marriage equality dialogue with someone by forwarding Senator Savino's speech to them!

The speech is re-posted below, and see all the speeches here.


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